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Like most people today, you can end up with a huge credit card debt if you are not using your credit card the right way. Before you know it, your credit score will get really bad. When this happens, you have to accept one of the offers to get bad credit credit cards for people with bad credit. These cards are not really different from the regular cards, except for the fact that they are designed especially for high-risk cardholders. When you have a low credit score, the credit card companies will see you as a high-risk customer.


Why Should  You Get Legacy Visa Credit Card

This credit card comes with a low interest rate and will allow you to enjoy many benefits at the same time. When you accept this card, you can take advantage of cash back offers and many other rewards. Here are some of the other benefits of using this card:

First of all, First National is the only provider of this credit card. In some cases, the bank will waive the annual fee if the card is used to purchase an item.

Another benefit is that the card can help to repair your bad credit rating once you use it to purchase items and repay the balances on the due date. If you don’t have a bad credit rating, you can use the card to establish your credit.

First National Bank will allow you to make payments and check the status of your account online. When you use the online resources, this will help you to avoid late payments and identity theft.

Legacy Visa credit card also offer travel insurance and purchase protection to cardholders. The purchase protection will insure purchases against theft, accidental damage or loss for a certain period of time. The travel insurance will come in handy if you use your card to travel and cannot pay off the outstanding balance.

These are just some of the benefits of using this credit card. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the card will attract charges even if you don’t use it. So, it’s very important to read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting the card.

Nowadays, Legacy Visa credit card is the popular choice for persons who are looking for bad credit credit  cards to improve their low credit score. So, you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to repair your bad credit.


Disadvantages of Legacy Credit Card

by admin on July 1, 2012

First National credit card, which is the Legacy Visa, is the preferred choice today for persons who want to rebuild or establish their credit history. If you have bad credit, this card can help to rebuild your creditworthiness so that you are able to get a favorable loan in the future. The information below will tell you more about this card.

The Legacy Visa credit card will be the ideal solution when other financial institutions are not giving you a credit line because of your bad credit. Whether you get this credit card for no credit or bad credit, it will help you to regain good financial standings once you use it in the right way.


How the card works

You can get this card without having to make an initial deposit, but certain fees will apply after you accept it. Bear in mind that this acceptance fee will reduce your credit line. First National will offer a line of credit for anywhere between $250 and $500 and if you pay your fees on time this will help to free up your available credit.

After getting the credit card, you will get a 30 day trial period to use it. When this period ends, you can return the card and the acceptance fee will be refunded if you did not use the card.

Disadvantages of legacy credit card

Applying for First National credit card

The Legacy Visa credit card is given to persons who get an invitation from First National Bank. Once you get this offer, you can visit the bank’s website to apply for the credit card. Before accepting this credit card for bad credit, you should read the fine print information carefully and ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions.

Although Legacy Visa credit card is offering many benefits and can help you to rebuild or establish your credit ratings, it also has some disadvantages. However, you can minimize the disadvantages if you use the card carefully. Some of the disadvantages will be highlighted below.


Cons of Legacy Credit Card

1. Acceptance Fee: As mentioned before, you have to pay a certain fee if you accept the card. But, you can get back this money if you return the credit card without using it.

2. Low credit limit: Initially, you will get a low amount for the credit limit which can vary between $250 and $500. But, if you maintain a good credit history and pay off the balance in a timely manner, then First National will increase your credit limit.

3. High interest rates: Legacy Visa card generally charges a much higher interest rate than average. But, you have the option to negotiate with the bank for a lower rate.

When all is said done, if you examine the pros and cons you will discover that it would make sense to get a First National credit card to rebuild your bad credit history. Of course, you have to determine if this is the right card for you and make the final decision.


Advantages of Legacy Credit Card

by admin on June 18, 2012

This awesome CC is often referred to as the credit rebuilding credit card. This Visa card will help an individual to repair their credit score in no time at all. A point to note is that even though an individual may not opt to use the card, they will begin to incur charges once they accept it. As such it is best that the terms and conditions are thoroughly read before such a card is accepted.

Any person that is interested in the card may opt to do a trial period. This will give them the added time to see if the benefits and services that legacy credit card first national offers are the best options for you. If they do not work the card can be returned.


The main benefit that comes with this type of credit card is that it offers the option to repair credit. By providing an open line of credit to the defaulter, the bank’s main aim is to help them get their credit rating up. Despite all this it must be noted that the amount being offered for this credit repair process may not be a lot. The amount ranged between two hundred and fifty to five hundred dollars. The figure might be a bit too small for some and when weighed against the high fees that one will have to pay it may not be that great an option after all.


Legacy Credit Cards have many benefits Legacy Credit Cards

Nonetheless, there are a number of other advantages other than credit repair which anyone who owns the car can enjoy. The advantages are listed below.

The first one that can be noted is that the membership fees are usually waived when purchases are made using the credit card. This will happen every time the holder of the card uses it to make a purchase.

There are also add-on services which include travel insurance.

Legacy credit card first national also offers purchase protection for its customers. This ensures that all purchases that are made with the card are insured.

If the situation arises where the individual has no other option to restore their credit rating or to get a credit card then the legacy credit card is a great option. Despite the fact that the amount being offered for credit will be very low, the card, in the long run will help the card holder to get back to a reputable credit rating level.


More info about frist national CC

by admin on April 10, 2012

Legacy credit card is a credit card issued in the USA by First National Bank. This credit card is issued to applicants who apply for the card either online or at the Bank premises. The card itself is referred to as Legacy Visa Credit Card, issued by First National. Holders of this card have fast, secure and easy access to financial services and other services as well. The bank has an online card member services website where users get to receive services, get access to their billing information and other private information. Users also get to view their account summary information, make payments and also manage their account information.

 Who can use it?

Any person in the United States who qualifies for a credit card can apply for a Legacy credit card and they will receive the same within a short time. Receiving the credit card is a fairly simple process. An applicant for the credit card will simply need to fill an application and submit it. The applications should be completed with true and accurate information and should be signed. Applications can be submitted through the internet as well. Applicants who choose to receive this information online will be able to receive the same information online. Sometimes additional information may be required. Certain documents may also be requested when applying for these particular credit cards.

Legacy credit card informations

 Credit card fees

There are certain fees associated with these credit cards. Users will expect to choose from various offers from this bank. The first offer is a no annual fee type with a 15.6 per cent interest rate. Here, there is no stated minimum credit amount stated. Offer number 2 has an annual fee of $75 with an interest rate of 21.99% with a $300 minimum credit amount. The third part also has an annual fee of $75, a 29.9 per cent interest rate on a minimum amount credit limit of $300. All these are options that a credit card applicant will choose from.

 Where you can use it?

Credit cards are useful in that they enable their users to purchase items even when they do not have cash or access to cash. They are accepted at virtually every outlet such as retail outlets, diners, eateries and all merchant outlets. Some consumers use their Legacy credit cards to manage their credit history and bring it up to manageable levels from the red. It is an ideal credit basically for helping out individuals whose credit is wanting.

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Legacy Visa Credit Card Application

by admin on April 9, 2012

For   people who want to make a  Legacy Visa credit card application  , they  would need to receive a mail about the offer to start off with. The mail is a generic offer to apply for the Legacy Visa credit card. Once you have received the offer, there is a Legacy Visa credit card application form that needs to be filled out and send back to First National Bank for approval.

Once your Legacy Visa  card application has been approved by the Bank, you would receive an email that would have a Registration Number and an Access Code. You must make a note of both these numbers since you would need these details to set up your account and complete the Legacy Visa credit card application procedure.

First National Bank website has an accept Legacy Visa offer. You need to click the hot link. The website would redirect you to a signing up page wherein the  Visa credit card application needs to be confirmed. On this page you would be asked to enter the registration number and the access code to go further with your Legacy Visa credit card application process.

More Informations about legacy visa credit card application

Once you have successfully entered all the details, you would be approved to get a Legacy Visa credit card and you can also sign up for an online account that would host all the details about your Legacy Visa credit card, your account details, personal details, financial statements, payment records, transaction histories and everything. Using this portal you can check out your credit limits, charges incurred on the card, purchases and you can also make online payments, change addresses or any other personal details and the likes.

informations about legacy visa credit card application


Activation legacy visa credit card application

Another interim process in the this Visa credit card application process is the activation of your card and the activation of your email address. The latter is the first step to acknowledge your email address as yours and thereafter you need to activate the credit card to be able to start using it.

The online account that you would get access to after the Legacy Visa credit card application has been approved and you have your credit card is available 24/7 and accordingly it can be of any assistance to you whenever and wherever you need it.

If you intend to inquire more about the this credit card application procedure or about the credit card contracts then you can call up the bank or check out the specific offers on the website.

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Making a Legacy credit card online payment is the best way to go about compared to all other conventional methods of payment. The first benefit of the online payment is that you can instantly pay the amount you want to and have the balance available on your Legacy credit card  almost instantaneously. With checks or other forms, there is an element of time consumption and it is not until the payments are processed and cleared that you get to use your Legacy credit card again, of course if you have maxed it out during the billed month.


How to make legacy credit card online payment

  1. If you have a Legacy Visa credit card then you must be aware that the issuing bank is the First National Bank. All you need to do for  your credit card online payment is get on to the website of the bank and log in to your user account. You must have a user log in id and a password. In case you do not have it then you can quickly register yourself using the 16 digit credit card number and other details that had been enrolled during applying for the Legacy credit card.
  2. Once you have logged in, you would find several sections on the platform. There is one option to make a Legacy credit card online payment. You can click on this option and you would be taken to a payment page. Here you can use one of the available methods to pay your impending credit card charges. Some people prefer to pay through their bank accounts using online banking while some also opt for payments through PayPal and other online payment gateways.
  3. After you have made the Legacy credit card online payment, you would receive a confirmation that the payment has been made and you would notice that the balance on your credit card has been reinstated.
  4. You can now log out from your account and if you are using a shared computer then delete all the cookies and history from the browser settings.

While making Legacy credit card only payment you must have smooth internet connectivity since any dormancy in the connection can lead to problems during processing of the payment. You of course do not want any hassles in the payment process.

Besides the Legacy credit card online payment option, the online account has multiple other features and functions which would be valuable for any customer from time to time.

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