Frist National Credit Card Review

One of the credit cards available in the USmarket is the Legacy credit card. This card is a regular visa credit card and is issued by the Fist American Bank CC. This bank can be traced online and will have plenty of information to interested consumers regarding the card. The credit card can be applied by any person who needs a good credit card, especially to person’s seeking to clear their bad credit history.


Legacy credit card application

Many applicants for this credit card usually put in a request for the credit card online and will then receive an email with a link to the application page or an online application form. One of the easiest ways of applying for this credit card is through the internet. This is because applicants get to apply at a time of their choosing from the comfort of their homes and offices.


More information regarding this credit card is found on their online website. Applicants who are successful in the application process will receive a  credit card with a visa label. This means that visa credit card organization has approved the use of this service. When applying for this credit card, applicants should provide all the information requested as accurate as possible. Any additional information should also be provided, ensuring that it is as needed by the issuing bank.


Legacy Credit Card

Legacy  Credit card bank

The issuing bank, First National Bank is a legitimate bank registered in South Dakota. The bank is also a member of FDIC so its authenticity is verified. They issue visa labeled credit cards to their customers. These credit cards can be used to purchase items across various stores and pay for services and goods at retail outlets and other services. Many of these outlets accept these credit cards as legitimate forms of payments.


An important point to note is the amount of interest charged on an annual basis and the fees associated with the card. Applicants for this credit card can choose between four different options. The first option is basically the attractive package even though it does not specify a minimum credit amount. This option has no annual fee charged and applicants get to pay only a 15.6 per cent interest rate on the credit. The other options come with a $75 annual fee and interest rates of between 21.99 per cent and 29.9 per cent but have a minimum $300 credit limit. These are some of the characteristics of the Legacy credit card from First National Bank.

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