How To Make A Legacy VISA Credit Card Online Payment

by admin on April 6, 2012

Making a Legacy credit card online payment is the best way to go about compared to all other conventional methods of payment. The first benefit of the online payment is that you can instantly pay the amount you want to and have the balance available on your Legacy credit card  almost instantaneously. With checks or other forms, there is an element of time consumption and it is not until the payments are processed and cleared that you get to use your Legacy credit card again, of course if you have maxed it out during the billed month.


How to make legacy credit card online payment

  1. If you have a Legacy Visa credit card then you must be aware that the issuing bank is the First National Bank. All you need to do for  your credit card online payment is get on to the website of the bank and log in to your user account. You must have a user log in id and a password. In case you do not have it then you can quickly register yourself using the 16 digit credit card number and other details that had been enrolled during applying for the Legacy credit card.
  2. Once you have logged in, you would find several sections on the platform. There is one option to make a Legacy credit card online payment. You can click on this option and you would be taken to a payment page. Here you can use one of the available methods to pay your impending credit card charges. Some people prefer to pay through their bank accounts using online banking while some also opt for payments through PayPal and other online payment gateways.
  3. After you have made the Legacy credit card online payment, you would receive a confirmation that the payment has been made and you would notice that the balance on your credit card has been reinstated.
  4. You can now log out from your account and if you are using a shared computer then delete all the cookies and history from the browser settings.

While making Legacy credit card only payment you must have smooth internet connectivity since any dormancy in the connection can lead to problems during processing of the payment. You of course do not want any hassles in the payment process.

Besides the Legacy credit card online payment option, the online account has multiple other features and functions which would be valuable for any customer from time to time.

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