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by admin on April 10, 2012

Legacy credit card is a credit card issued in the USA by First National Bank. This credit card is issued to applicants who apply for the card either online or at the Bank premises. The card itself is referred to as Legacy Visa Credit Card, issued by First National. Holders of this card have fast, secure and easy access to financial services and other services as well. The bank has an online card member services website where users get to receive services, get access to their billing information and other private information. Users also get to view their account summary information, make payments and also manage their account information.

 Who can use it?

Any person in the United States who qualifies for a credit card can apply for a Legacy credit card and they will receive the same within a short time. Receiving the credit card is a fairly simple process. An applicant for the credit card will simply need to fill an application and submit it. The applications should be completed with true and accurate information and should be signed. Applications can be submitted through the internet as well. Applicants who choose to receive this information online will be able to receive the same information online. Sometimes additional information may be required. Certain documents may also be requested when applying for these particular credit cards.

Legacy credit card informations

 Credit card fees

There are certain fees associated with these credit cards. Users will expect to choose from various offers from this bank. The first offer is a no annual fee type with a 15.6 per cent interest rate. Here, there is no stated minimum credit amount stated. Offer number 2 has an annual fee of $75 with an interest rate of 21.99% with a $300 minimum credit amount. The third part also has an annual fee of $75, a 29.9 per cent interest rate on a minimum amount credit limit of $300. All these are options that a credit card applicant will choose from.

 Where you can use it?

Credit cards are useful in that they enable their users to purchase items even when they do not have cash or access to cash. They are accepted at virtually every outlet such as retail outlets, diners, eateries and all merchant outlets. Some consumers use their Legacy credit cards to manage their credit history and bring it up to manageable levels from the red. It is an ideal credit basically for helping out individuals whose credit is wanting.

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